Diversity... it's a good thing.
P.O. Box 1967
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Mission Statement

All Together's mission is to bring together the people of the Greater Williamsburg area across racial, ethnic, and cultural lines, to communicate and engage in activities that foster unity, inclusiveness and equal opportunity, and thereby, to improve the quality of life of the community and its citizens.



All Together, Inc. began in 1994 with the combined vision of concerned citizen-volunteers from diverse backgrounds. From these first meetings, working collaborations were formed that included local nonprofit and civic organizations, churches, county offices, school boards, businesses, colleges and universities.

All Together is a non profit 501c(3) organization guided by a volunteer board of directors. Its vision includes all persons who live and or work in the Greater Williamsburg area. Donations and memberships are encouraged and go to support our annual Book Award to local high school students.


Things you can do to Build Bridges

Listen to other people's stories. Try to understand their expereinces.

Read books by authors who have a different prespective than your own.

Visit a house of worship of a demonination other than your own.

When you think you see someone being discriminated against, speak up.

Don't make assumptions about people. Be willing to ask questions.

Be forgiving

Be respectful and be honest with yourself.

Volunteer with an organization that serves diverse populations.

Learn America's history.


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